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When traveling with family or friends you don’t have to be concerned about the itinerary, clothes to be packed or safety. This is because it is easier to manage things while traveling in a group. When traveling solo, the situation is different altogether. It is difficult to manage these concerns all by yourself. In the […]
The huge state of Rajasthan has so many splendid destinations that it is truly hard to choose. Moreover, these places are full of attractions which can make your trip quite hectic. It is best to take one city at a time, if you really want to explore this massive and colourful state completely. Jaipur would […]
The culture and heritage rich India have been a point of attraction for the globe in the past few years. As per the World Travel and Tourism Council, in 2018, tourism sector contributed 9.2% of India’s GDP. Even the domestic tourism has seen a raise of 16.5% from 2011. If you are also planning to […]
Staying in the city can be exhilarating. You get to the party, you get to go to various events, you get to shop at the best places and eat amazing food at high-end eateries. Yet, we all get tired of the city life at some point or other. The pollution, the traffic, the same-old routine […]
The present situation in the country is quite grave in terms of women’s safety. While we hope the authorities are doing their best to change this situation, the question arises, that is it safe for women to travel all by themselves around the country? After an extensive research, we found out the safest cities or […]