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Konkan popularly known as Goa is probably on every Indian’s checklist to visit at least once. Despite being 4th smallest state by population, it has the highest GDP per capita among all other Indian states

The snow-clad mountains and their slopes best describe one of the largest and popular summer resorts during the British reign in the country.

Jammu and Kashmir was a region formerly administered by India as a state from 1954 to 2019, constituting the southern and southeastern portion of the larger Kashmir region, which has been the subject of a dispute between India, Pakistan and China since the mid-20th century.

The 6th largest state of India, Karnataka was originally called “The State of Mysore” and was renamed to its current name.

Kerala, a state on India's tropical Malabar Coast, has nearly 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline.

From a sleepy town before the 20th century to one of the most visited places, Manali emerged as a resort town nestled in the mountains.


Uttar Pradesh is a state in northern India. With roughly 200 million inhabitants, it is the most-populous state in India as well as the most-populous country subdivision in the world