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Konkan popularly known as Goa is probably on every Indian’s checklist to visit at least once. Despite being 4th smallest state by population, it has the highest GDP per capita among all other Indian states. This certainly proves the prevalence personality of the estate.

In the ancestral years, for more than 450 years, Goa has been under the influence of Portuguese territory which is reflected very well in the culture. it has also seen two diverse Eastern and Western styles whose influence is also vividly seen. Apart from these, Goa is a secular state and therefore, it has monuments and temples dedicated to every religion and their deities.

This emerald of the west coast is most popular among the youngsters for its nightlife, beaches, Goan churches and their tranquility, lip-smacking seafood, flea markets for crafts and art, etc.

Find out this and more about Konkan state with Rajput Holidays weekend tour packages.