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Rajput Holidays offer high-end travel support to the customers across India. Since inception it has been working on ticketing of airline or railway seats and reservations from capital estate to various destinations around the country and wants to expand towards a larger perspective.

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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

The snow-clad mountains and their slopes best describe one of the largest and popular summer resorts during the British reign in the country. Even today, this state is known for its breathtaking and mesmerizing beauty. The major highlight of this place is that it showcases the western snowy Himalayas with deep gorges, thickly forested valleys, large lakes, plateau fields, etc.

Apart from the Himalayas, this charm is also well-known for its massive apple production, crystal-clear and poised lakes, skyward mountains, ancient and divine temples, heartwarming generosity.  The culture and locals are vibrant and colorful round the year which is also reflected through its adventurous sports, variety of fairs, festivals and celebrations, etc.

Being on Indian Himalayan Range this place has a huge variety of flora and fauna and a variety of endangered species as well. Moreover, one of its National Park is also UNESCO World Heritage Site for its catering 460+ birds, 75+ mammals and 80 varieties of fishes. Get a sight of these on a tour to this estate. You may contact Rajput Holidays for discounted tour package to Himachal Pradesh.