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Rajput Holidays offer high-end travel support to the customers across India. Since inception it has been working on ticketing of airline or railway seats and reservations from capital estate to various destinations around the country and wants to expand towards a larger perspective.

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The 6th largest state of India, Karnataka was originally called “The State of Mysore” and was renamed to its current name. despite several etymologies, the accepted etymology was derived from Kannada ‘Karu’ and ‘Nadu’ which means elevated land. The reason it got accepted because it aptly interpreted the beauty and vastness of the estate.

In the ancient and medieval period, this land has been home to some of the most powerful empires which is well-recognized from its art, architecture, culture and heritage. During the British reign, it was often called Carnatic to characterize both sides of peninsular mass of India.

The elevated land of Karnataka is popular for its spices, sandalwood, coffee production, and silk, etc. Moreover, it assorted with wildlife and national reserve, monuments, beaches, heritage and pilgrimage sites which makes it the handpicked destination for romantic as well as family weekend getaways.

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