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Rajput Holidays offer high-end travel support to the customers across India. Since inception it has been working on ticketing of airline or railway seats and reservations from capital estate to various destinations around the country and wants to expand towards a larger perspective.

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Rajasthan Forts


The Land of Kings popularly known as Rajasthan is the largest Indian estate by area. Parts of this estate were previously a part of Vedic and Indus Valley civilization making it an archaeological site. It has another archaeological site at Balathal which has remains from Harrapan civilization. That’s not all. From time to time this land has been home to various kings belonging to various dynasties. To find out more about its history, you must visit this place once.

Despite its deep-rooted history, this place is also known for its only cold desert, the Thar desert and Aravalli Range.

Another most appreciated things about Rajasthan are its panoramic landscapes, palaces and forts, traditional handicrafts, mouth-watering delicacies, rich and vibrant culture, etc.

You must also visit Keoladeo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its diversity of birds. Contact Rajput Holidays to book a Rajasthan tour package with such assorted places.