Rajput Holidays Pvt. Ltd.


Rajput Holidays offer high-end travel support to the customers across India. Since inception it has been working on ticketing of airline or railway seats and reservations from capital estate to various destinations around the country and wants to expand towards a larger perspective.

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F-50 Trans Yamuna, Phase -2 , Agra, U.P

Privacy policy

Rajput Holidays is genuinely concerned about protecting the personal information of the customers and believes that it is social responsibility of the company. Hence, we adhere to the following policies for the same

  • The personal information (Name, address, contact number, email id etc.) of our customers is well protected, measured and managed by the office. Also, we DO NOT disclose any information to any party
  • In a case when the information is requested, we identify the purpose of use thereof and obtain such information only to an extent necessary for the administration of business through a lawful and reasonable manner. Such information is only used or provided within the limits of the stated purpose
  • Assured implementation of safety rules to manage risks regarding personal information of our customers managed by the company which includes being accessed in an unauthorized manner, being lost, leaked or maliciously damaged or destroyed and take organizational, personnel, physical and technical measures to prevent such risks and corrective measures, if needed
  • In the case of third-party involvement if bound to use personal information; we request and supervise such involvements to handle the valuable personal information in the same secured manner as managed by the company
  • Rajput Holidays observe all the laws and ordinance with respect to personal information, government guidelines and all other norms that are related to the same. Also, undertake the frequent improvement of management
  • When a customer appeals the company to disclose and/or to correct the personal information that resides in our office and belongs to the same customer, we reply in accordance with the laws and ordinance for the protection of personal information and other norms. Response to any complaint or consultation will be in good faith relating to personal information which resides with the company