Rajput Holidays Pvt. Ltd.


Rajput Holidays offer high-end travel support to the customers across India. Since inception it has been working on ticketing of airline or railway seats and reservations from capital estate to various destinations around the country and wants to expand towards a larger perspective.

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F-50 Trans Yamuna, Phase -2 , Agra, U.P

Terms & Conditions

  • Whenever a car is booked, time and kilometers will be calculated from office to office
  • If the time exceeds for any package, the charges levied on the same will be of consecutive package
  • Parking charges, toll taxes, state charges will be extra from the original cost. If taxes are paid in advance, only 1/3rd tax of the actual price will be charged
  • For travel packages, parking charges, chauffeur charges and state taxes are included
  • As per the government laws, if payment is made through credit or debit card 2% additional charges are levied and service tax will be levied on gross invoice
  • If any mechanical fault or miss happen takes place, allow us time to reach you and replace the vehicle. If customer make their arrangements by self, we will charge till the place where the mis-hap occurred. For instance, in case AC fails, charges will be levied up to the point AC was working and rest will be liable to compensate up to 15% further
  • Payment in each case should be made within 30 days from the date when invoice is received as any delay from the due date will attract a charge of 2% each month
  • Any complaints after the completion of service will not be entertained. Hence, the customers are requested to inform the concerned person immediately to resolve the same. The customer care is open 24 hours to handle any such complaint or emergency
  • Delay in the arrival of end destination i.e. the office due to natural calamity i.e. landslide, flood, earthquake, fire, etc. will be endured by the client
  • In any case of technical failure, or accident that may result in loss of productivity or manpower, the company is not liable to any compensation for the same as all our vehicles are insured comprehensively, any such claims will be pursued with the insurance company only
  • The company IS NOT responsible for any misplace or loss of any luggage or belonging left in the car. If found, will be delivered at the customer’s address along with extra charges as mentioned
Days up to departure Rate
From reservation date till 30 days prior to departure 10% of the gross amount or minimum charge for a day
Between 29 to 15 days prior to departure 25% of the gross amount or minimum charge for a day
Between 14 to 2 days prior to departure 50% of the gross amount or minimum charge for a day
Between 48 hours prior to departure to last minute cancellation or no show 100% of the gross amount


  • For safety, chauffeurs take a rest of up to 15 minutes after 2-hour drive and a rest of up to 30 minutes after 4-hour drive
  • Eatables, beverages or alcohol IS NOT allowed while the car is on the move
  • Any damage or breakage to the car/coach that occurred due to negligence of the traveling person will be endured by the same customer or the company related
  • Any legal dispute subject to jurisdiction in Delhi only